“Free Technology for Teachers” Blog

For this assignment, I explored the blog “Free Technology for Teachers”. I was immediately pulled in as I think this is a great tool for educators and to utilize when implementing the use of technology in their classroom in addition, this blog is also beneficial for parents when helping children study at home. The author, Richard Byrne, delves into and researches free websites, technologies and applications that can be used in classroom across a broad spectrum of school subjects he also really goes into how using technology can improve teaching skills and enhance learning. 

On the homepage there are links to different areas of the blog one of which being tutorials for anyone wishing to learn all of the tools that Google has to offer. Also, as iPads are increasingly becoming more available to classrooms to use as an aide in learning, Byrne includes a link on his blog for iPad Apps for School and under each app is a description of how to use the particular app and what it can be used for. Byrne also includes links to Resources for various other technology and teaching blogs.

One post I found extremely interesting and informative was How to Create a Website or Blog, Byrne really dives into all logistics of a website and blog, including Power Points and videos on how to create an effective online hub (i.e. blog, website, wiki), he lists options for blogs and tools to create websites and under each gives a detailed description of the site and how to navigate the use of it. I also particular enjoyed the last Power Point on this post, Byrne, gives step by step instructions for teacher on creating a quiz or test through a Google Document. The thought of having a quiz/test through this medium had never crossed my mind before.

Check out Free Technology for Teachers when you have time, it’s a really interesting and informative blog that you’re bound to come away from with some new knowledge!


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