Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology

I really enjoyed reading the article Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology, some great points were brought up which I agree and disagree with at the same time. The world is changing at a very fast pace and I agree the methods of teaching and education need to move right along with it, in fact, it’s vital for the students’ success that our teaching methods keep up with the world around us. I also agree in order to get to students to engage you need to find what motivates the student and work with that. Our society is technology based, it’s integrated in every part of our lives so it makes sense to use it in the classroom. Most kids in our society use technology on a regular basis, particularly their smart phones to access social media. However, with that being said I’m still not completely sold on the idea of using cell phones in classrooms. I think if you have the right teacher, one who has great classroom management, who is respected by her students and the right group of kids, it could work really well and enhance the students’ learning experience. If the teacher doesn’t have the right control over her classroom, I foresee chaos and what was intended to be a tool to enhance learning ending up being a major distraction. In order for cell phones to be properly used as an educational tool to motivate the students and enhance their learning experience, the teacher needs to make sure rules and expectations are clear, understood and respected.Image Image