TEDX – Chris Lehmann – Education is Broken





TEDX – Chris Lehmann – Education is Broken

The TEDX Talk I watched was “Education is Broken”. It introduced a concept of a student-centered schooling being implemented in the Philadelphia School District. The concept is based on forming a school that instead of teaching at children, it teaches to the children. Chris Lehmann’s idea is to teach children how to live, to love learning and to learn while doing things they are good at and instead of standardized test which restrict creativity the children complete benchmark projects each quarter . Lehmann describes the current school environment to a factory – passing kids from subject to subject through the factory line because our notion of school is it is supposed to prepare the kids for the work force instead Lehmann believes schools should teach the students to be citizens, and positive influences on their society, to become better than the person you are today and by teaching children this we teach them how to be husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, members of a community – much more than preparing them for the work force. The purpose of schools should be to open our student’s minds to ideas, innovation and critical thinking. I whole-heatedly agree with Lehmann’s concept. I think to engage a student in the learning process and create a desire for lifelong learning the child needs to be interested and felt their work matters. When a child is given ownership of their work, they become more invested in the product. They learn to ask questions, seek out answers and build, which not only helps them discover themselves but teaches more than a standardized test ever could. However in schools today, I think the Common Core Standards really hinder a teacher’s ability to promote this type of learning, I’m not saying it can’t be done but I feel it restricts the creative teaching and learning that’s so desperately needed in classrooms. With the CSS teachers can fall into the trap of teaching to the test very easily because of the pressures of a 100% passing score. Overall, I think a student centered teaching approach is extremely important for the success of the child. 



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