Resources found via Twitter

While pursuing the twitter-sphere I came across a blog that was retweeted. The blog The Innovative Teacher written by Lisa Nielsen is a great resource and tool for teachers to go to learn how to present material in fresh new ways to engage the student. 

One post I found particularly interesting is Using Cell Phones to Increase Student Achievement and Engagement with Reading and Writing. Cell phone use when I was in school was non-existent until I reached high school and even then it wasn’t allowed to be turned on during school hours – so it was very interesting to read ways in which texting can be implemented in a classroom to facilitate in learning reading and writing skills – check it out!

*side note: texting and retweeted came up as spelling errors in this post, a bit outdated, don’t you think?Image


One thought on “Resources found via Twitter

  1. It is surprising how much has changed since I was in HS. Many schools (like mine) allow for open use. Many of the teachers acknowledge the device and can manage the behavior of the kids and their device. The teachers that never let the kids use them are surprised when kids sneak and use. I know that my high school is not the norm. I recall reading an article about how people we making money in NYC. They provide lockers outside school for kids to store their devices…because they can’t bring into schools.

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