The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching

Shelley Wright’s article, The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching takes us through her first experience implementing project based learning in her classroom. Project based learning is an effective teaching method to really involve students. Instead of being lectured by a teacher at the front of the room, this puts the learning into the student’s hands. They are excited, self-motivated and invested because ultimately they have ownership over the project. Through this method of teaching Wright has become a ‘co-learner’ and a facilitator to encourage her students to seek out information, ask questions and develop their own thoughts.  I thought it was great that Wright mentions going to twitter for suggestions on helping her students get through a roadblock – again, reaffirming the need to have these social networking sites to be connected to and have support from fellow teachers. Project based learning gives students the opportunity to tailor the learning to their own unique needs – it’s not a one size fits all approach and, it allows for a meaningful, interactive and engaging learning experience for each student.

It doesn’t get much better than this: Collaborating. Communicating. Connecting.


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